From 18-23 March 2009, Mr. YIM Sok Sophors went to CSPPM (Civil Society and Pro-Poor Market) project in order to assist the project staff for conducting a field study on rapid rice market chain appraisal in 29 villages across 8 communes, 4 districts of Kompot province, Cambodia. More detail about the study is to focus about the market chain of rice product in 29 villages which are the village members of rice producer communities supported by the CSPPM project. During that time, Mr Yim Sok Sophors has met and discussed with the project officer and the other project staff relating to objectives and methodologies of this study. The study mainly focused on the demand and supply of rice product from the studied villages, which mainly concentrated to organic rice product (Mliss and Romduol varieties) that is high market demand.


As the result, it is able to found out that the demand of rice is higher than the supply which is produced by the rice farmer producers. It is good market opportunities for local farmers but they need to pay more attention to the promotion strategies of their unique product (organic rice) and to ensure a good linkage among their appropriate market channels. Furthermore, it is able to know that most of rice product produced by the local farmers are supplied to the collectors and then the collectors will distributed to rice millers and wholesalers within the studied districts. At the end, the most rice product will be exported to neighboring country, Vietnam.