On 09-10 December 2008, Mr. Kin Mengse (Program officer of CEDAC), Mr. San Sorn (the project staff of the Improvement of the most Vulnerable Families for Protection of Human Trafficking and Unsafe Migration), and Mr. Yim Sok Sophors (Project Manager) have conducted a internal monitoring for this project in purpose of understanding the general progress of the project especially to seek for strategies in progressing the project.

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7 cooperating farmers were interviewed individually in 2 villages of 2 communes. It is to note most of them have applied the technique they have learned from the project, that is vegetable growing technique. Currently, they have prepared the vegetable garden and have grown some local varieties inside their homestead area. Remarkably, some farmers have not only use for family consumption, but also sell vegetable to neighboring families to get further income for the families. One family that we have met during the monitoring raised that they have used money for selling of vegetable for their daily life, such as expense for children tuition, foods, etc.

Now, it is a good time for vegetable growing, so there will more farmers grow vegetable after they have completed rice harvesting in December.