On 08 December 2008, I participated in a series meeting at IDE office from 2:30-5:00pm. The meeting consisted of totally 8 peoples which included 5 from IDE (among them 2 are foreigner technical advisors), 2 from PADEK , and 1 from CEDAC. The meeting aimed to follow up the progress of PEA selection process and to discuss on the preparation for the first meeting with interested PEA candidates that will be held in Svay Rieng and Prey Veng provinces on 16-17 December 2008.


At the inception phase of the meeting, each of NGO partner such as IDE, PADEK and CEDAC has shared the general overview of the progress of PEA selection process in each responsible target areas. I could know that there were only 3 people called to IDE by its radio broadcasting program but PADEK and CEDAC could get higher number of candidates who are interested of being PEAs which is around 4-5 interested farmers per commune have applied so far. However, the numbers of farmers who have applied for being PEAs have not yet been gathered by the project’s staff in some other communes so the information will be lastly updated on December 12, 2009. A step forward after sharing an overview of the progress in the field, Mr. Ros Kimsan, operational manger of IDE has presented the slides that he is going to present during the first meeting with interested PEA candidates.

Ultimately, we all who were in the meeting jointly decided the following points:

  • There will be only 2 days for the first meeting with interested PEA candidates that 2 meetings will be organized in Svay Rieng province (one meeting at the morning and another at the afternoon) and another in Prey Veng
  • One meeting will be organized in Kompong Trabek district, Prey Veng province with the invitation of interested PEA candidates from Baphnom and Prash Sdach districts as well.
  • Mr. Sieng Kan, IDE’s staff, will inform to CEDAC and PADEK about the name of communes will be invited in the particular meeting (schedule and meeting venue)
  • CEDAC and PADEK will send the name list of total interested PEA candidates to IDE on December 12, 2008.