27 November 2008: Mr. Lang Seng Horng, Mr. Bun Penhpheak and I (Mr. Yim Soksophors) myself have attended a meeting with PADEK and IDE in term of the project RIU/ICF. Generally, we have continued to debate on PEA selection from the last meeting, such as schedule of PEA selection process, outline for the workshop and who will be involved, etc.

Ultimately, we are clear on what what we are going to do and the next meeting will be held on 09 December 2008. However, there is a need of discussion about the principles relating to the training topics to PEAs (Private Extension Agent) as well as the business of PEA relating to chemical fertilizer and pesticide. It is to note that CEDAC is a local NGOs working to promote family ecological agriculture so that this project needs to design based on the policy and stand of CEDAC in term of agriculture and rural development.