From 17-20 November 2008, i have attended the team spirit training for Ratanakiri team from Ratanakiri province. It was nice to learn about the leadership skill of Gandhi through watching the film of Gandhi. I think that most of us have understood well about the leadership style and strategy to freedom of India through watching it.


Additionally to complement what we have learned from Gandhi film, the film of animal farm was showed after dinner at the evening as well, so that participants could distinguish and get more critical points for consideration relating to both films. Furthermore, i think that the training provided a good opportunity to build up the relationship among the staff that it will contribute to the team progress and effectiveness of their work. The solidarity among the team members would be strengthened during that time. Moreover, we have thought about the future plan so that we could know where we want to go. The sources of resource was taken into account in order to achieve our objectives.