Today on 10 October 2008, I have participated in the workshop on Drip Irrigation in Phnom Penh. The workshop organized by IDE with 40 participants from different 25 NGOs. The agenda is presented as follows:

-Summary of drip irrigation pilot project
-Result of drip irrigation trial
-Supplay chain and partnership strategies
-Presentation of experienced drip farmers
-Open discussion and feedback

In summary, based on the information i got from the workshop, i could learn that:-The yield of vegetable which adopted drip irrigation is higher than non-drip irrigation, but i could see that it is not quite different. Additionally, I could learn that it save 50% of water comparing to traditional practice, so it is good if we introduce drip irrigation in the dry season. Farmers will be able to prolong their cropping season and it is a profitable time.

-IDE has some cooperating farmers who have already adopted drip irrigation technique so that it is available if we would like to organize the field visit to see the experienced farmers.

-In the concept of CEDAC, we can introduce the idea of drip irrigation to farmers, but we will not introduce chemical fertilize as IDE has been doing. The liquid compost and solid compost will be trained in stead of promoting chemical fertilizer.

-The price of one set of drip irrigation is about 50$, so it may be expensive to the poorest families, but the medium farmers are probably possible if they really want to try. I have noticed that drip irrigation is suitable for fruit crops, but not leaf crops.