The above is the chicken slaughter house which is owned by the community people and CEDAC, it is situated in Chheng Prey district, Kompong Cham province. It usually take chickens from chicken farmer producer groups in the villages nearby for slaughtering in order to supply for the Phnom Penh market and the local market. There are 25 chicken producer groups supply the chicken to the slaughter house. The chicken slaughter house buys chicken from farmers every 2 days with the average quantity of 60 to 100 chicken. The average weight of a chicken is 1.2 kg. Totally, the chicken slaughter house buys around 1500 chicken from the chicken farmer producer groups. In general, it is able to conclude that the chicken slaughter house is running well especially it helps to ensure good market price for chicken product of farmer producers. Especially, the farmers who are the members of chicken producer groups inside the targeted area also receive technical training support from the project’s staff that encourages them to increase the productivity and income from chicken. Definitely, since the inception of establishing chicken slaughter house, farmers can get a proper price in term of selling their chicken and they are fullhearted to increase chicken production for market supply.

Ek Keang is, 21 years old, a woman farmer in Khvet village, Taing Krosaing commune, Bateay district, Kompong Cham province practice the technique of ECR since she has cooperated with the project. She is currently raising six hens. After adopting the technique of Ecological Chicken Raising (ECR), she has incruased the income from 50000 riel/year to 300000 riel/year. Currently, she is trying more effort to increase the chicken production at her house.

It is to note that other farmers in the village are also interested in participating the group because it is the community-led business and provide benefit to the development of the community peopple.