Today, on 13 September 2008, I presented the book namely “self-discipline” to my colleagues who are working with me, i feel happy when i did it. i think that it is useful and good to share what we have learned to your friends, they will learn from us and we are also strengthened what we have learned when we share it to the others.


at the same time, i also learned from Miss. Luy Theary, the presentation on the book, called “who move my cheese” but I am not able to understand well about that as it is a new one for me, i actually impel to learn more by myself. i would like to say more shared learning is tremendous happy.

I think that it is really that we have shared what we have learned to each other, especially we will understand clear on what we have learned if we presented and discussed it with the others. Sharing of knowlege is very effective for self-improvement. Do you think so?