August 07, 2008, Mr. Nop Sotheara, program officer of USAID visited 4 farmers in 2 villages, Kangan Pong and Romdeng village of Spean Thnot commune, Chi Kreng district, Siem Reap Province. The hosted visit was taken place at the target villages of AIBC3 (Avian Influenza Behavior Change Project), Mr. Kin Mengse, program officer of CEDAC who is the project coordinator of AIBC accompanied him for the field visit. The purpose of the visit is to (1) monitor farmers’ understanding and practice on the messages of avian influenza, (2) Check the progress of farmers’ practice on the technique of ecological chicken raising (ECR).dsc00504.jpg

Based on the result of the visit, we can conclude that farmers have practiced well the techniques of ECR such as “build up the fence for chicken, provide mix feed, separate healthy chicken and sick chicken, clean to ensure good sanitation inside the chicken fence and chicken house, use herbal plant to soak within water for chicken, make compost for chicken to scratch, etc”. However, farmers need to try more effort in order to increase the chicken production so that they can increase more income for the family, the alternative of setting up chicken producer group should be conducted among farmers in these new target villages.