On August 04, 2008, 13 staff who are the core team members of FNP (CEDAC’s Field Program Unit) joint a special meeting, the meeting venue was held at SUON SOBEN resort, the meeting aimed to discuss on the following points: -Definition of this group (Core Team of FNP) -Review strategy of FNP -Discussion on CFA (Community Field Assistant) and its policy support -Discussion on role and responsibility program officer, farmer community facilitator, -Revisit the structure of CEDAC



As the result, we could discuss and decide some main points such as:

-We have thought about the main criteria of staff who are able to include as the member of FNP core team and we have determined the unique role of FNP’s core team members, especially to distinguish the different role between FNP’s core team and FNP’s coordination team.

-In relating to the future strategy of FNP, we will try to develop more proposal to expand our field activity. Specifically, the proposal relating to women empowerment will be developed and Mr. Tath Sok and Ms. Mok Chenda are hopefully to be the persons who are responsible for this task. Additionally, the participants have also discussed how to strengthen the quality of FNP’s rural development work, for example the discussion on the optimal number of target village that should be responsible for one staff or FCF (Farmer Community Facilitator).

-Concerning to CFA, we will develop a clear contract with them if they are recruited as the project’s staff, we need to make clear about the policy support to all of them, especially CEDAC will pay more attention to the quality of CFA in order to ensure that majority of them will be able to find a good job after completion of the course with CEDAC.

-It was nice to review and determine precisely the role and responsibility of FNP’s staff at different position, such as the role and responsibility of FNP’s director, program officer, zonal coordinator/provincial coordinator, project coordinator, project officer and farmer community facilitator, etc. It is to remark that the program officer of FNP need to be responsible to manage 3 development projects at least. On the other hand, we have agreed to continue discussion on capitalization of practical experience of FNP and strategic support to FNN (Farmer and Natural Net) on the other days, the meeting will be taken place on 26-27 August 2008 at CJCC (Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center) in Phnom Penh.