I would like to brief you the internal meeting of AIBC3 working group that was held on June 06, 2008 at CEDAC office in Phnom Penh.The main meeting’s agenda is indicated as follows: -Sharing attractive information and activity and result of the project -Summing up the progress of chicken producer group -Preparing format for data collection on the project’s impact -Training on main poultry diseases in Cambodia -Providing impression and making appointment for next meeting.p1010221.jpg

Based on the result of the meeting, we could know that during May 2008, the project’s staff have done some activities as follows:

-10 commune workshops were organized with 123 commune council members and village chief, among them 21 are women.
-4 district workshops with representatives of chicken producer groups were organized with 311 participants, 73 women.
-15 village meetings were organized in order to set up chicken producer group, 189 participants participated in the meeting
-30 training sessions for village promoters were organized with 483 VPs (149 women) Particularly, up to now, the number of chicken producer group has increased up to 751groups (9294 group members). It is a success rate that the project’s donor may well satisfy because the project expectation is only 500 chicken producer group if refer to the project document.

It seems to be that the project has succeeded in forming up chicken producer group. It is apart of the project’s success because number of chicken producer group is one among the main project’s outputs. Additionally, we can conclude that the participants understand more and more about the main poultry diseases especially we have learned about the basis and how to prevent chicken from disease, for example the definition of disease, source of diseases come from, how to prevent it, etc.

The meeting provided us the basic idea and guideline for organizing group training on poultry disease to village promoters and other beneficiary farmers. With the understanding on lesson of disease, it stimulated us to take action on prevention method rather than cure or treatment. Therefore, if farmers would like to get a good result, they actually need to improve the prevention method.

Additionally, meanwhile the meeting, we could see the progress of number of chicken producer group especially the situation of collective selling that is likely not so progressing well due to shortage of negotiation skill and marketing strategy with middlemen. Ultimately, all of us have agreed to collect data of project’s impact based on the distributed form and the result will be given back on 09 July 2009 during the training on interpersonal skill. The result of this study will be helpful to determine the project’s impact both quantitative and qualitative information.