On 25 July 2008, there was a special meeting among the core team members of CEDAC at CJCC to discuss perspective of CEDAC beyond 2008. Dr. Yang Saing Koma presented the historical background of CEDAC and its progress. Later on, we discussed decentralization of each CEDAC’s component like CEDAC-NGO (included Field Program, consulting service, publication), CEDAC enterprise for social development (CESDE), and CEDAC institute for local development (CILD).01082008837.jpg

We talked about the risk and solution to cope with risks, especially we presented the future perspective of each main components of CEDAC beyond 2008. More importantly, we made clear about our destination and how to reach it. Additionally, the discussion on collaboration among each component was discussed, including the role and responsibility of CEDAC’s president. To me, I thought that we gained more idea relating to decentralization of each component of CEDAC. However, what we actually needed to do urgently was to make sure what we wanted to do and how to achieve it as well as to realize it into the real practice.