From 08-11 June 2008, Mr. Yim Soksophors (project coordinator) and Mr. Kin Mengse (program officer) conducted a field visit to Agriculture Livelihood Project in Modulkiri province. The purpose was to monitor the progress of the project, especially the application of System of Rice Intensification (SRI) at the beginning of the rainy season. We interviewed various farmers individually.

One field day was conducted in order to train indigenous farmers how to transplant SRI. In the target area, SRI was the new innovation for them, therefore training and practicing was needed to equip them with skill in applying the new practice. In this project, field day was considered as an effective extension methods to increase the adoption of SRI. The farmers would gain confidence and skill in applying SRI when they saw with their own eyes and involved in practicing. In addition, A village chief shared his experience at a plot where he applied SRI.

We explained and asked farmer a piece of their field for SRI transplanting so that they could see the differences or make comparison between SRI and traditional rice practice.