On 22-23 May, 2008 I have organized 2 separated group trainings for the village promoters in Kandal Stung district, Kandal province. Totally, 36 VPs have attended in the trainings. For the training at this time, we focused on the technique of ecological chicken raising (ECR). It was to note that VPs were interested to learn about ECR as they actually need it for improving their chicken raising technique. According to the meeting, we could know that most of VPs have not organized village meeting with the villager, it can be estimated that around 30% of total VPs in Kandal Stung have organized the training on AI (Avian Influenza) to the villagers.SSL28635

Unfortunately, most of VPs are working only in their own village, so it means that only 38 villages are working in term of the project implementation. It is remarks that there are totally 135 target villages in Kandal Stung district. Additionally, meanwhile it is the beginning of rainy season so that VPs are difficult to making appointment with villagers, they go to the field for rice cultivation. At the end of the meeting, we also have developed the action plan with all of VPs, some VPs who have already organized the training on the topic of AI will train to their villagers on the second topic, ECR, but VPs who have not yet organized the training on AI, they actually will organize on this first topic for June 2008.