CEDAC was implementing a new agriculture project for creating sustainable livelihood for Sok San indigenous community from March 2008, the project was implemented under cooperation with WWF and it covers on 4 villages of Sok San commune, Kho Ngek district, a part of this commune is situated in the protected areas, Phnom Prich wildlife sanctuary and community forestry.DCF00077

To launch the project, we contacted the local authority at the district and commune level to inform them about our present and intervention activity in this commune. Additionally, the baseline study of those target villages was already done and the report is already written. Our main intervention is to focus on agriculture technique in order to improve the livelihood of the indigenous people in the area. At the present, most of NGOs are working on natural resource management (NRM). At the end of April, one exchange visit for the interested farmers from Mundulkiri was conducted to visit an agriculture practice of farmers in Takeo province. They actually have learned well about the ecological chicken raising, vegetable growing technique, system of rice intensification, saving group and farmer association, etc. Based on what the visitors said “they will apply ecological chicken raising first of all”